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Fiverr English Test Answers  in India and Pakistan

1. ____ that house have a finished basement?

Answer: Does

  1. Annie is ____ to get involved in the argument.

Answer: Reluctant

  1. There are no restaurants anywhere near the factory, ____?

Answer: Are there

  1. Everyone ____ Jimmy was invited to the party.

Answer: Except

  1. Does this bag belong to ____?

Answer: You

  1. If the hotel has no vacancy, you can stay with ____.

Answer: Us

  1. This house doesn’t have an attic, ____?

Answer: Does it

  1. _______ Julie’s car was brand new, it had mechanical problems.

Answer: Even though

  1. How many guests are we expecting ___?

Answer: ?

  1. I will present first unless someone _____ the agenda.

Answer: Changes

  1. ____ coming with us, right?

Answer: You’re

  1. Jan didn’t like _____ the food on the menu.

Answer: Any of

  1. What ______ about your performance?

Answer: Did she say

  1. _____ the name of your new boss?

Answer: What’s

  1. ____ roof has sprung a leak.

Answer: The

  1. The game show was hosted by an actor ____ name I can’t recall.

Answer: Whose

  1. Remember _____ the garage after ______ your project.

Answer: To close, finishing

  1. The company decided ___ logo was outdated.

Answer: Its

  1. By next month, the company ______ 2,000 self-driving cars.

Answer: Will have sold

  1. In my opinion, pistachios are better _____ almonds.

Answer: Than

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

“I’ll meet you there,” said Jonathan.

  1. >Every minute of the play was _____.

Answer: Memorable

Fiverr English language (Words and Phrases) test Answers 2021

Choose the correct meaning of the given word from the Options given below:


  • a.     Savage
  • b.     Impassioned
  • c.     Malodorous
  • d.     Complete failure
  • e.     Gross

Fiverr Language Test

Each question below consists of two words that are related to one another in some way. From the possible answers, you must choose the set that denotes a relationship most similar to the relationship expressed in the original set.

Syllabus:Course ::

  • a.     Synopsis:novel
  • b.     Nave:church
  • c.     Outback:territory
  • d.     Introduction:lesson
  • e.     History:nation

Fiverr English Test 2021 Answers

Each question below consists of two words that are related to one another in some way. From the possible answers, you must choose the set that denotes a relationship most similar to the relationship expressed in the original set.

Jeopardize:Danger ::

  • a.     Legalize:threat
  • b.     Lampoon:ridicule
  • c.     Undermine:faith
  • d.     Compose:harmony
  • e.     Hypothesize:theory

English Test Fiverr

Which word or phrase is nearest in meaning to the word mentioned below:


Unit for measuring

  • a.     electricity
  • b.     water flow
  • c.     heat
  • d.     light

Fiverr English Test Question Answer 2021

In the sentences given below, choose the correct meaning of word in quotation marks from the options given.

He washes his car with “sedulous” attention.

  • a.     Lazy and haphazard
  • b.     With care and diligence
  • c.     Not regular or predictable
  • d.     Proud manner
  • e.     Silly or extravagant way
  1. We are looking to hire someone who has a strong _____ in management.

Answer: Background

  1. No, I didn’t turn ____ the radio.

Answer: On

  1. I don’t want to go in; there’s a massive ______.

Answer: Queue

  1. _____ the football team is in peak condition.

Answer: Every

  1. I think you used too _____ salt in your sauce.

Answer: Much

  1. When my husband comes home, ______ to dinner.

Answer: We will go

  1. Even if we work until midnight, we ____ miss the deadline.

Answer: Will still

  1. Jorge is talented _______ in English, Spanish, and French.

Answer: At writing

  1. ______ would you like to have the couch delivered?

Answer: When

  1. I’ll let you know _____ we arrive.

Answer: When

  1. I will be there on time unless my flight ______.

Answer: Is delayed

  1. Could you do ____ a favor?

Answer: Us

  1. I usually eat healthy, ______ I love the occasional slice of pizza.

Answer: Although

  1. Kwame will have hidden the presents _____ we get there.

Answer: Before

  1. _____ wasn’t the garage closed last night?

Answer: Why

  1. Without practice, our team will ____ to the Tigers.

Answer: Lose

  1. Dad won’t remember to bring the gifts unless _____ him.

Answer: You ask

  1. By 2021, Marcia ______ her second degree.

Answer: Will have finished

  1. The principal wants to have a meeting _____ Billy’s behavior.

Answer: About

  1. As soon as you wake up, you ____ to take the dog out.

Answer: Need

  1. After a three-hour delay, the food still ______.

Answer: Hasn’t arrived

  1. You should be more ______ in class.

Answer: Attentive

  1. During the hurricane, Jose’s home suffered a lot of ______.

Answer: Damage

  1. One of his least favorite job duties is _____ presentations.

Answer: Giving

  1. If Janine had given you constructive feedback, what _______ said?

Answer: Would you have

  1. To join the organization, you need a lot of ______.

Answer: Money

  1. My ____ engine is making a strange sound.

Answer: Car’s

  1. There’s an extra coffee mug ____ the counter.

Answer: On

  1. Malik hasn’t called you today, _____ he?

Answer: Has

  1. All of the supplies on the table are for ____.

Answer: Me

  1. Once you finish your paperwork ___ bring it back to the reception desk.

Answer: ;

  1. The dog is sleeping _____ the table.

Answer: Underneath

  1. You don’t happen to have a pen, ____?

Answer: Do you

  1. We can only serve beer ____ wine at the event.

Answer: Or

  1. I finally feel ____ enough to return to work.

Answer: Well

  1. _____ new store just opened last week.

Answer: Their

  1. _____ I win the lottery, I still want to work.

Answer: Even if

  1. You have to take ____ of your medicine to feel better.

Answer: Each

  1. ______ it rains, the garage floods.

Answer: Every time

  1. Gerard’s favorite activity on Sundays is ______.

Answer: Sleeping

  1. How ____ milk is needed for this recipe?

Answer: Much

  1. If we would have left earlier, we ______ on time.

Answer: Would have arrived

  1. Mr. Evans gave everyone a cupcake as a ____ gesture.

Answer: Nice

  1. Angus sprinted _____ the finish line.

Answer: Toward

  1. Gretchen agreed ______ me with my philosophy homework.

Answer: To help

  1. Did you hear about what ______ to the Smith family?

Answer: Happened

  1. The pest control team will arrive _____ 10 a.m.

Answer: At

  1. I’m going to sleep now because I’m _____ tired.

Answer: Very

  1. You are ____ to read the book of your choosing.

Answer: Free

  1. I will attend the meeting _____ Mr. Williams.

Answer: In place of

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: June will present chapter one, and Josh will present the rest.

  1. Sometimes, it’s dangerous to cook with _____.

Answer: Heat

  1. There’s no point _____ the truth.

Answer: In denying

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: After I graduate, I’ll move back to Nebraska.

  1. _____ were upset about _____ extra homework.

Answer: Students, much

  1. ____ don’t usually like the same movies.

Answer: They

  1. We’ll find Gemma’s teddy bear, ______ it is.

Answer: Wherever

  1. When are you going to buy ____ new car?

Answer: A

  1. I would have cleaned the house if I ______ you were coming.

Answer: Had known

  1. I ______ the writer’s conference last year.

Answer: Attended


Most of the movie was shot in the _____.

Answer: Desert

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: How many siblings do you have?

  1. The hospital needs more _____ with ______ in neurology.

Answer: Doctors, experience

  1. Carol will be successful because she writes ______.

Answer: Beautifully

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: I returned the sweater with the black sequins yesterday.

  1. _____ assigned this project to you on such short notice?

Answer: Who

  1. Please be sure ______ your phone while _______.

Answer: To turn off, driving

  1. ____ the weather, we have to leave today.

Answer: Regardless of

  1. If you don’t feel well, you should ____ down.

Answer: Lie

  1. _____ a bad ninth inning, the team still won.

Answer: Despite

  1. I refuse to _______ Chester’s apology.

Answer: Accept

  1. _____ it rains today, we’ll have to move the party indoors.

Answer: If

  1. You haven’t seen my car keys, _____?

Answer: Have you

  1. If the power goes out, we _____ to use the backup generator.

Answer: Will have

  1. Mr. Weaver was accused ____ falsifying records.

Answer: Of

  1. A protestor climbed _____ the stage during the ceremony.

Answer: Onto

  1. The sale only _____ to select products.

Answer: Applies

  1. The Queen’s ____ has lasted for several decades.

Answer: Reign

  1. I’ll be there ______ I can.

Answer: As soon as

  1. I’m happy to announce that Ms. Williamson ______ the position.

Answer: Has accepted

  1. Did you remember _____ the oven when you finished?

Answer: To turn off

  1. Figure it out amongst ______.

Answer: Yourselves

  1. During the heist, the thief risked _____ being caught.

Answer: Being

  1. If I buy the tickets, ______ buy the popcorn?

Answer: Will you

  1. If your phone stops working, ______ a new one?

Answer: Will you get

  1. When you’re done, _____ your books to your room.

Answer: Bring

  1. To ___ does this coat belong?

Answer: Whom

  1. Meredith really enjoys _____ satire.

Answer: Writing

  1. The Burj Khalifa is the ____ tallest building.

Answer: World’s

  1. _____ Billy failed the test, he still passed the class.

Answer: Even though

  1. It was the ____ movie Jean had ever seen.

Answer: Worst

  1. The college needs a professor ___ specializes in economics.

Answer: Who

  1. We don’t like selfies because we don’t know how to take pictures of _____.

Answer: Ourselves

  1. I wish Jeremy ____ us about the meeting before today.

Answer: Had told

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: Sean, the youngest of six, was the family’s only college graduate.

  1. The venue changed, but ____ closer to home.

Answer: It’s

  1. High pitched sounds in the recording are _____ audible, but they can be heard at high volume.

Answer: Barely

  1. Jessie asked ___ “What are you guys doing after class?”

Answer: ?

  1. When the TV show ends, _____ give you my undivided attention.

Answer: I will

  1. You should slice the pizza _____ so everyone gets a slice.

Answer: Equally

  1. ____ need to pick a dessert for the reception.

Answer: We

  1. No one is allowed in the building _____ they show their ID badge.

Answer: Unless

  1. _____ Phyllis angry with us for making too much noise?

Answer: Why

  1. I’d like to accept this award _________ Vanessa, who couldn’t be here tonight.

Answer: On behalf of

  1. We can’t take the dog _____ while there’s lightning.

Answer: Outside

  1. If I earn a bonus this year, I ______ to Italy.

Answer: Will have traveled

  1. Bradley will need help _____ the first semester.

Answer: Throughout

  1. There weren’t any violations, ____?

Answer: Weren’t there

  1. Our family plans ______ to Mexico for the summer.

Answer: To go

  1. Charles ran ____ the building before the rain started.

Answer: Into

  1. Everyone entered the contest _____ Jill.

Answer: Except

  1. When ______ first place, my parents will be so proud.

Answer: I win

  1. At noon, the board will announce ____ has been appointed as CEO.

Answer: Who

  1. Can someone please pass ____ bread?

Answer: The

  1. The room feels crowded because there are ________ people in here.

Answer: Too many

  1. _____ you going on vacation in April?

Answer: Are

  1. We’re not going on vacation ____ August.

Answer: Until

  1. Caleb’s parents have a meeting with the _____ today.

Answer: Principal

  1. Next Friday, the restaurant ______ at 4 p.m. for dinner.

Answer: Will open

  1. Let me know ______ you’d like to go to dinner.

Answer: When

  1. Take an extra layer in case _____ cold in the auditorium.

Answer: It is

  1. _______ is this sweater fashionable, _____ it’s also ethically made.

Answer: Not only, but

  1. We can’t leave _____ the driveway is blocked.

Answer: If

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: Mr. Williams introduced us to Peter, a new student from Denmark.

  1. For stronger bones, your son should drink ____ milk.

Answer: A

  1. It’s a nice house, ____ it’s not my top choice.

Answer: But

  1. Professor Grant thought the presentation was _______ unacceptable.

Answer: Completely

  1. I’d like a coffee ____ a tea.

Answer: And

  1. The entire room is reserved for ___.

Answer: Us

  1. Bruce studied hard, ____ he thought the exam was easy.

Answer: Because

  1. The security guard stopped the thief ____ stealing two sweaters.

Answer: From

  1. I’ve made arrangements ______ at a five-star resort.

Answer: To stay

  1. ____ bag ripped because it was too full.

Answer: His

  1. I was ____ surprised that my contract was renewed.

Answer: Very

  1. Aunt Ann walked ____ for one hour.

Answer: Briskly

  1. My brother’s sense of humor is nothing ____ mine.

Answer: Like

  1. Georgia ______ there for 15 years.

Answer: Has worked

  1. Charlie’s letter ____ that he was homesick.

Answer: Implied

  1. We should _____ the meeting at 8 a.m. sharp.

Answer: Start

  1. Try to _____ in on what the author is saying in the article.

Answer: Hone

  1. It wasn’t _____ film of the year, but it still won _____.

Answer: The best, awards

  1. We’ll stay at Grandma’s house ____ our visit.

Answer: During

  1. After the party ____ we should head home.

Answer: ?

  1. My flight is delayed because the aircraft ______ yet.

Answer: Hasn’t arrived

  1. I _____ into an old friend from high school last night.

Answer: Ran

  1. We have ____ food to feed the entire family.

Answer: Plenty of

  1. The ______ new house had a finished basement with a wine cellar.

Answer: Johnson’s

  1. Next August, the entire cast ______ to France for the premiere.

Answer: Will travel

  1. I’ve loved reading _____ I was just 5 years old.

Answer: Since

  1. We’ll need five more plates _____ what we already have.

Answer: In addition to

  1. The plumber ____ us if we’d had problems with the sink before.

Answer: Asked

  1. _____ neighborhood has the best school district?

Answer: Which

  1. I hope the weather clears up so we __________ for a walk.

Answer: Can go

  1. How will the organization be ______ by these changes?

Answer: Affected

  1. It was a _____ that we both arrived at the same time.

Answer: Coincidence

  1. _____ are organizing the potluck dinner.

Answer: We

  1. A ___ of my colleagues attended the conference, so I wasn’t alone.

Answer: Few

  1. How will the weather ____ the construction project?

Answer: Affect

  1. Miriam skipped the party ____ she was ill.

Answer: Because

  1. The historic home ______ 100 years ago.

Answer: Was constructed

  1. If you leave the bread out, it _______ become stale.

Answer: Will

  1. The students must walk in an _____ fashion.

Answer: Orderly

  1. The train is never on time when I ______ late.

Answer: Am running

  1. Yesterday, the entire

family ______ their gifts at the same time.

Answer: Opened

  1. Today’s heat is just too much to ______.

Answer: Bear

  1. We must leave now because we have _____ time to spare.

Answer: Little

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: You didn’t finish the homework, did you?

  1. ______ should we go when the assembly is over?

Answer: Where

  1. Billy can publish anything on his blog ________ it’s true.

Answer: As long as

  1. We have to turn _____ all phones during dinner.

Answer: Off

  1. _____ James _____ Jessie are getting promoted.

Answer: Both, and

  1. If ______ my help, you can reach me at my desk.

Answer: You need

  1. _____ time should we start the meeting?

Answer: When

  1. If you’re not feeling well, ______ come to the office.

Answer: You should not

  1. Kim suggested _____ at 5 p.m. to discuss our progress.

Answer: Meeting

  1. _____ the avocados have gone bad.

Answer: Some of

  1. I washed your t-shirt because it was _____.

Answer: Oily

  1. _____ Mr. Smith _____ Ms. Brown could chaperone the dance.

Answer: Neither, nor

  1. We need to clean up and put everything in ____ place.

Answer: Its

  1. Which sentence is correct?

Answer: Because Gary practices every day, he is a great pianist.

  1. I don’t know where I left ___ keys.

Answer: My

  1. Everyone laughed when the cat climbed ____ the stage.

Answer: Onto

  1. Do you know _____ the boys have left yet?

Answer: Whether

  1. How long is your commute to work ____

Answer: ?

  1. “I can help,____ said Mrs. Wilson.

Answer: ,

  1. If we close the store now, _____ we lose money?

Answer: Will

  1. Bobby was frequently late for work, ____ he received a great performance review.

Answer: yet

  1. Randy pretended ______ the meal even though he dislikes broccoli.

Answer: to enjoy

  1. One of the main symptoms of the virus is _____.

Answer: nausea

  1. Everyone will have a chance to say their ____ during the meeting.

Answer: piece

  1. In tonight’s game, the Celtics will play ____ the Bulls.

Answer: against

  1. Brad said he’d like to ride ____ us.

Answer: with

  1. The textbook is ____ world history and geography.

Answer: on

  1. James has to start over because he cleaned his room _____.

Answer: sloppily

  1. Neither Phoebe ____ Rachel admitted to breaking the glass.

Answer: nor

  1. I haven’t seen Joanna ____ last Friday.

Answer: since

  1. Mrs. Briar chose ____ for the job.

Answer: me

  1. Which van should we take – ____ or ours?

Answer: theirs

  1. ____ project won first place in the competition.

Answer: My

  1. We could drive instead _______ an Uber.

Answer: of taking

  1. Carl and ___ are the only chaperones for the field trip.

Answer: I

  1. The band started playing after _____.

Answer: you left

  1. Which of these coats is ____?

Answer: yours

  1. The orchestra’s holiday performance was just _____.

Answer: delightful

  1. The girl with the _____ hair is Jenny.

Answer: curly

  1. I still need to ____ out my ideas for the book.

Answer: flesh

  1. Where ______ purchased?

Answer: was the coat

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: Their slogan says, “The best barbecue in town.”

  1. When Dylan was young, he dreamed ___ becoming a firefighter.

Answer: of

  1. Paul threw out the bottle because he _______ it was yours.

Answer: didn’t know

  1. I anticipate ______ the project complete by Tuesday.

Answer: having

  1. _____ are sharing one hotel suite for the entire trip.

Answer: They

  1. You will only get a promotion if ______ hard.

Answer: you work

  1. When Mauricio ____ through the front door, everyone will yell, “Surprise!”

Answer: walks

  1. Are you interested ______ us for dinner?

Answer: in joining

  1. The audience doesn’t care ______ questions.

Answer: about

  1. This basketball needs more air because it’s not ____ enough.

Answer: bouncy

  1. Briana will clean the kitchen _____ Edward vacuums the rugs.

Answer: while

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: My parents’ new car has more modern features than your parents’.

  1. For our homework, we have to listen ____ a podcast.

Answer: to

  1. Every driver must show proof of ____ insurance.

Answer: their

  1. When ______ the good news?

Answer: will Sherrie share

  1. _____ it rains _____ not, the show must go on.

Answer: Whether, or

  1. What meal ______ when she got sick?

Answer: was April eating

  1. John refuses to try anything new because he’s risk-_____.

Answer: averse

  1. I have three items in my backpack ____ a book, a pen, and my wallet.

Answer: :

  1. ____ almost time for us to leave.

Answer: It’s

  1. We will spend the afternoon at the job _____.

Answer: site

  1. _____ is one of my favorite pastimes.

Answer: Reading

  1. I love ham sandwiches ____ only on rye bread.

Answer: but

  1. ______ seen any good TV shows lately?

Answer: Have you

  1. The committee is interested _______ your thoughts.

Answer: in hearing

  1. There isn’t ____ space in the car for four more people.

Answer: enough

  1. Jenny is so young, ____ she has accomplished so much.

Answer: yet

  1. After dinner, no one ______ to load the dishwasher.

Answer: wanted

  1. Brendan was sent home early for behaving ______.

Answer: inappropriately

  1. She and ____ will meet you at 7 p.m.

Answer: I

  1. You can’t use your cell phone once you’re _____ the plane.

Answer: aboard

  1. ____ project won first place in the competition.

Answer: My

  1. Because of the snow, the bus ______ yet.

Answer: hasn’t arrived

  1. The group is _____ of three experienced doctors.

Answer: composed

  1. Jasmine learned _______ five languages when she was a child.

Answer: to speak

  1. ______ if I adjust the thermostat?

Answer: Would you mind

  1. Do you know _____ this door is locked?

Answer: why

  1. You need a good sense of _____ to enjoy the TV show.

Answer: humor

  1. The office needs an assistant ____ takes initiative.

Answer: who

  1. Matthias has to work early tomorrow, but he is happy ______ tonight.

Answer: to go out

  1. The meteorologist urged everyone to drive _____ after the storm.

Answer: slowly

  1. Jackie _____ the actor to ask for his autograph.

Answer: approached

  1. Dinner didn’t start until 9 p.m. because everyone was ____ late.

Answer: so

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: Julie’s house is the blue one on the left.

  1. Does he like to _____ music in his spare time?

Answer: compose

  1. I yearn _____ a vacation after this difficult semester.

Answer: for taking

  1. Who is _____ leader in ______?

Answer: the oldest, the world

  1. Are you the person in charge here ____

Answer: ?

  1. If you ____ at the gifts, you’ll ruin the surprise.

Answer: peek

  1. After the next presentation, let’s take a ______.

Answer: break

  1. Sue had only positive things to say _____ our party.

Answer: about

  1. Christine didn’t like pickles, _____ she ate one anyway.

Answer: but

  1. When I graduated from college, I ______ to New York City.

Answer: moved

  1. Please walk ____ while you move the vase across the room.

Answer: carefully

  1. What _______ to you?

Answer: does art mean

  1. Roger needs a minute to catch his ______.

Answer: breath

  1. I only packed three shirts ____ a red one, a black one, and a green one.

Answer: ,

  1. I don’t recall ______ anything about extra time off.

Answer: hearing

  1. Don’t forget to take your wallet ____ you.

Answer: with

  1. William sat ____ me during the play.

Answer: beside

  1. ____ meal comes with a bowl of _____.

Answer: The, soup

  1. We ______ to tour the campus

next week.

Answer: are going

  1. You know how to scramble eggs, _____?

Answer: don’t you

  1. How much _______ when you checked in for the flight?

Answer: did your suitcase weigh

  1. This store is closed ___ We should try another place

Answer: .

  1. Samantha decided to turn on the ceiling fan _____ it was too warm.

Answer: because

  1. We bought ____ food this week.

Answer: less

  1. The jam is on ______ of the fridge.

Answer: the top shelf

  1. Carla needs more ____ before she takes ____ exam.

Answer: sleep, the

  1. Justin still ______ yet.

Answer: hasn’t apologized

  1. Jerry has six daughters, and ____ all live in Las Vegas.

Answer: they

  1. Carrie is an introvert and tends _____ shy with new people.

Answer: to be

  1. The gift with the red bow is ____

Answer: yours

  1. You shouldn’t carry ____ much cash when you travel abroad.

Answer: so

  1. Make sure you learn every client’s name _____ you can introduce them to each other.

Answer: so that

  1. The recent cold weather is the _____ reason for the decline in occupancy.

Answer: primary

  1. As usual, Mr. Park had _____ for breakfast before he left for _____.

Answer: coffee, work

  1. After _____, I rode my bicycle to work.

Answer: eating

  1. The _____ largest gym has both a steam room and a sauna.

Answer: hotel’s

  1. Many of the employees complained ______ the management over low pay.

Answer: to

  1. Building a new wing for the hotel is impossible. We have _________ the funds.

Answer: neither the land nor

  1. It wasn’t _____ play Ms. Yee had ever seen, but it was _____ one.

Answer: the best, a good

  1. Peter lost control of his car and just missed crashing _____ a wall.

Answer: into

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: The emperor was wearing no clothes, which was quite obvious to Beverly.

  1. Max was completely _____ with trying to complete his dissertation.

Answer: fed up

  1. _____ at high elevation contains less _____.

Answer: The air, oxygen

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: Ms. Giardi arrived before we did. Didn’t she?

  1. We didn’t use all of the gasoline, so the _____ should be enough to get you to the station.

Answer: remainder

  1. I often dream _____ traveling to foreign countries.

Answer: of

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: The watch with the black dial was repaired and returned.

  1. It remains unclear whether it is more _____ to attract new customers or to retain existing ones.

Answer: profitable

  1. The picture was taken by an artist _____ name I can’t remember.

Answer: whose

  1. The driver was able to repair the tire, _____ there were tools in the trunk of the car.

Answer: as

  1. (Note: Question 322 is missing.)
  2. I wish it would stop raining so that I _____ outside.

Answer: could go

  1. I found my friends seated _____ the front row of the theater.

Answer: in

  1. How _____ to repair six computers in an hour?

Answer: did you manage

  1. Seeing this snow globe reminds me _____ to Clear Lake every winter with my family.

Answer: of going

  1. _____ it’s true that more trees need to be planted, there is still enough shade for the swimming pool.

Answer: So

  1. Joseph wasn’t home when you went to visit him, _____ he?

Answer: was

  1. The concert started late, _____ annoyed a lot of people.

Answer: which

  1. How many documents _____ yesterday?

Answer: did you have to sign

  1. Let’s hope Ms. Noor finds a good job _____ she goes.

Answer: wherever

  1. The addition of a new rail line has made the northern part of the city much more _____.

Answer: accessible

  1. Jason discovered the small piece of metal in the engine _____ was causing all the problems.

Answer: that

  1. Mr. Faisal said that he _____ David since yesterday morning.

Answer: hadn’t seen

  1. Ms. Cepeda’s designs were _____ detailed that there was no need to revise them.

Answer: so

  1. Rebecca forgave Jason _____ not contacting her for six months.

Answer: for

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: The tallest man who was from Sweden introduced me to Jennifer.

  1. OLP Airlines is looking for _____ with _____ on an international flight.

Answer: pilots, experience

  1. I wish George _____ me about the bad acoustics in the room before I took the stage.

Answer: had warned

  1. The lifetime warranty only _____ to tools that have not been refurbished.

Answer: applies

  1. Unfortunately, there wasn’t _____ left after the picnic.

Answer: any bread

  1. The doorman won’t allow you to enter _____ you provide identification.

Answer: unless

  1. What would you have done if Ms. Adams _____ the package unopened?

Answer: had returned

  1. Melissa was the only one _____ managed to finish the examination on time.

Answer: who

  1. The hotel _____ we had our company retreat was very clean.

Answer: where

  1. It took Walter an hour to figure _____ where he had parked his car.

Answer: out

  1. _____ Igor go every day after he finishes work?

Answer: Where does

  1. Let’s listen _____ what Mr. Freund says about increasing our revenue.

Answer: to

  1. Would it make _____ if I leave tonight instead of early in the morning?

Answer: a difference

  1. It was _____ flight that kept us in _____ for 12 hours.

Answer: the long, the air

  1. You need to use a gauge to figure out how much _____ is in your tires.

Answer: the air

  1. The _____ of money required to rebuild the engine is more than a new one would cost.

Answer: amount

  1. Sales of the heavy coats have been _____ slow in the summer.

Answer: predictably

  1. Deliveries from SpeedCo are _____ punctual.

Answer: reliably

  1. We never know if Ms. Lee is going to arrive at the office _____ time.

Answer: on

  1. The steel _____ from our plant in Germany increased by 17% last year.

Answer: output

  1. Do you know if Roger got _____ he applied for _____ week?

Answer: the job, last

  1. Most of the antiques in the shop are in excellent _____.

Answer: condition

  1. Peter saw Rebecca crossing the street when he was stopped _____ the traffic light.

Answer: at

  1. Ms. Okung insisted _____ for my dinner last night.

Answer: on paying

  1. Ms. Kittle brings two forms of identification with her _____ she goes.

Answer: wherever

  1. There was an unexpected guest at the conference, _____ an extra chair was brought in.

Answer: so

  1. The bicycle will have to be _____ so that it can fit into a shipping crate.

Answer: dismantled

  1. Yuko doesn’t like to spend money _____ jewelry or cars.

Answer: on

  1. I don’t understand why the 3:10 train from Mumbai _____ yet.

Answer: hasn’t arrived

  1. Tomorrow Ms. Rogers will tell us _____ she has decided to do.

Answer: what

  1. If we take the 9:30 flight, we _____ too late.

Answer: will arrive

  1. Mr. Lanza has a very _____ attitude for such a young man.

Answer: mature

  1. _____ ever seen the Northern Lights?

Answer: Have you

  1. _____ of the six people who attended the concert stayed until the final song.

Answer: None

  1. Responses to our new package design have been _____ positive.

Answer: overwhelmingly

  1. I sometimes visit my grandmother in Prague, _____ is quite close to my home.

Answer: which

  1. While Mr. Yoo was painting the bedroom, Mr. Kerr _____ furniture from the living room.

Answer: was removing

  1. Would you be interested ____ working for the government?

Answer: in

  1. You didn’t have to carry your passport with you, _____?

Answer: did you

  1. When _____ to tell us what our next assignment is going to be?

Answer: is Tom going

  1. What is _____ ocean in _____?

Answer: the largest, the world

  1. Ms. Baker found the conference to be rather _____.

Answer: boring

  1. Investigators accused Mr. Russell _____ money from the safe.

Answer: of stealing

  1. Mr. Bellini _____ yet because his plane is delayed.

Answer: hasn’t arrived

  1. I encourage you to think _____ where you want to be in five years.

Answer: about

  1. The worst way to get your way is to shout _____ people.

Answer: at

  1. Mr. Staley congratulated Deborah _____ the award.

Answer: on winning

  1. Charles _____ to meet his fiancée in Japan on her birthday next August.

Answer: is going

  1. The thing I don’t like about this restaurant is _____ .

Answer: the noise

  1. Most people can’t repair an automobile all by _____.

Answer: themselves

  1. As we speak, Ms. Luo _____ her way here from Germany.

Answer: is making

  1. In six months PLK Manufacturing’s Delhi factory will be completely _____.

Answer: operational

  1. _____ checkout time is 11am, exceptions can always be made as a courtesy to guests.

Answer: However

  1. If Elsa’s grandmother lived closer, she _____ her more often.

Answer: would visit

  1. If I had known his phone number, I _____ him.

Answer: would have called

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: The emperor was wearing no clothes, which was quite obvious to Beverly.

  1. Ruth does not want to work full time, but she is open _____ in on a freelance basis.

Answer: to come

  1. Ms. Melani would like to see all essays from this year, including _____ that are not finished yet.

Answer: those

  1. Maria is _____ who specializes in _____ .

Answer: a doctor, the elderly

  1. ______ Mr. Goff’s scheduling mistake, the event took place on time.

Answer: In spite of

  1. After you fill out the form completely _____ the doctor will see you.

Answer: ;

  1. John is bringing a water bottle with him in case he _____ thirsty.

Answer: gets

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: Mr. Bogojevic said that he had watched the entire tennis match.

  1. Pamela has three computers, all of _____ are very old.

Answer: which

  1. For the past ten years, MotoCorp _____ the world’s most fuel-efficient cars.

Answer: has been building

  1. Ms. Neruda has a very positive attitude _____ her work.

Answer: toward

  1. It began to rain just as the party goers _____.

Answer: were leaving

  1. The critics said that the movie was _____ funny.

Answer: outrageously

  1. Ms. Myers commented that _____ she slept in at the hotel was better than _____ she slept in at home.

Answer: the bed, the one

  1. _____ the weather was perfect, the groundbreaking ceremony had to be postponed.

Answer: Although

  1. _____ the weather was perfect, the groundbreaking ceremony had to be postponed.

Answer: Although

  1. Do you know _____ Judy has arrived in Salzburg yet?

Answer: whether

  1. Mr. Guo’s ideas about international relations were _____ extreme than we expected.

Answer: more

  1. By this time last year, this company _____ 500 printing presses.

Answer: had sold

  1. So far this week, I _____ three seminars about the future of aviation.

Answer: have attended

  1. Don’t forget _____ the oven after ____ the pie.

Answer: to turn off, removing

  1. Surprisingly, guests have a _____ to use the indoor pool in the summer.

Answer: tendency

  1. Leila turned _____ the job because she didn’t want to spend her time in sales.

Answer: down

  1. While Jeffery was traveling in France, he _____ into an old friend from college.

Answer: ran

  1. If the customer signs the receipt, we _____ responsible for the lost package.

Answer: haven’t been

  1. We were surprised that Ms. Lafarge is _____ good at product design.

Answer: so

  1. Ms. Johnson complained that there was no heat in her room. _____, the mechanic was working on the boiler.

Answer: Meanwhile

  1. _____ asked you to finish the project by Friday?

Answer: Who

  1. Would you choose a career as _____ instructor?

Answer: a flight

  1. _____ we need to do is examine why our business has slowed down.

Answer: What

  1. Nori loves to sit on a bench atop the cliff near her house and look out over _____.

Answer: the ocean

  1. Before I applied _____ the job, I researched the company.

Answer: for

  1. There weren’t more than five people at the demonstration, _____?

Answer: were there

  1. If the bank offers me the job, I don’t think I ____ it.

Answer: will take

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: “The only person who was interested in the job was Michael.”

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: ““I can’t start the meeting,” said Ms. Lee, “without the entire staff present.””

  1. There was a sweater left behind at the party, but Ichiro couldn’t figure out _____ it was.

Answer: whose

  1. Jenny spent ten minutes trying to sort out _____ jacket was _____.

Answer: whose, hers

  1. Make sure to take your shoes _____ before you enter Ms. Tanaka’s house.

Answer: off

  1. The research department found that adding more oxygen to the mixture was the solution _____ the problem.

Answer: to

  1. By the end of this year, Joseph _____ his book about Italian furniture.

Answer: will have completed

  1. You _____ the exam unless you study harder.

Answer: won’t pass

  1. Luckily, we brought extra food. _____, we would have gotten very hungry.

Answer: Otherwise

  1. It costs $125 to _____ your membership to the gym every year.

Answer: renew

  1. Employees’ suggestions to management may be _____ so that employees can feel free to express their thoughts.

Answer: anonymous

  1. Ms. Sanders can’t remember _____ in the hospital when she was three years old.

Answer: being

  1. The electric cart doesn’t have a reverse gear, _____?

Answer: does it

  1. _____ did Rebecca know that you wouldn’t be coming to work today?

Answer: Who

  1. Ms. Hassan got _____ the bus and walked three blocks to her cousin’s house.

Answer: off

  1. High pitched sounds in the recording are _____ audible, but they can be heard at high volume.

Answer: barely

  1. Do you know _____ gone?

Answer: where has Tom

  1. Dr. Wurtz didn’t know that the briefcase in the corner was _____.

Answer: his

  1. The condition of the merchandise was unacceptable, so I demanded that they give me my money _____.

Answer: back

  1. If Ms. Hernandez _____ for many years at an ad agency, she wouldn’t have so many clients as an independent contractor.

Answer: hadn’t worked

  1. We usually start with the marketing phase, even if we are not finished _____ the development of the product.

Answer: with

  1. Out of all of us, Jose was the one _____ scored the highest on the exam.

Answer: who

  1. I’ve never seen specifications as detailed as _____.

Answer: these

  1. If Brandon finishes his work by 5:00, he _____ us at the Rosewood Cafe.

Answer: will meet

  1. The budget report for last year was very _____ researched.

Answer: well

  1. Ms. Arguello never expected that her podcast would be _____ popular.

Answer: so

  1. If Rebecca had sent the replacement part for the copier, we _____ it yesterday.

Answer: would have received

  1. We are looking to hire someone who has a strong _____ in management.

Answer: background

  1. Hiring freelancers is not _____ expensive as bringing in a new employee.

Answer: as

  1. How _____ from the airport to the hotel?

Answer: did you get

  1. Many people have difficulty _____ the entrance examination for IT courses at the Snell Institute.

Answer: passing

  1. No one has yet succeeded _____ improving on Ms. Glaser’s original design for our company’s logo.

Answer: in

  1. _____ someone sends me a text, I get back to them within 10 minutes.

Answer: Whenever

  1. Mr. Mettner said that he _____ the security deposit for the apartment.

Answer: hadn’t yet received

  1. Martin Beale _____ all of the legal matters for RTG Plastics Inc.

Answer: handles

  1. By next February Roger ______ at his new job for six months.

Answer: will have been working

  1. If you are in town next week, we should have _____ together.

Answer: dinner

  1. People will be able to set up websites by _____ because the platform is so simple.

Answer: themselves

  1. The factory floor supervisor started the generator _____ the power had gone out.

Answer: because

  1. Ms. Fiallos was not _____ for the truck driver position because she did not have a valid driver’s license.

Answer: eligible

  1. When she discovered the briefcase didn’t belong to her, she tried to find out _____ it was.

Answer: whose

  1. Sites like are _____ way to send large documents.

Answer: the best

  1. The bulky frame made the picture _____ heavy to hang on the wall.

Answer: too

  1. _____ Wednesday, two of the key people on the design team called in sick.

Answer: On

  1. When _____ us the final draft of the report?

Answer: will you send

  1. Robert will stay at the job site until 6pm unless Tony _____ to replace him first.

Answer: comes

  1. Mr. Weiss considers his company’s move to Canada to be _____.

Answer: successful

  1. Try to guess the definition of a word without looking it _____ in the dictionary.

Answer: up

  1. The amount of _____ housing in the southern part of the city has increased

in the last five years.

Answer: affordable

  1. Russell doesn’t usually work on weekends. _____, he will make an exception for this client.

Answer: However

  1. _____ of us are going anywhere this weekend because there is too much work to do.

Answer: None

  1. The manufacturing operation _____ smoothly while Ms. Kurtz was on vacation.

Answer: ran

  1. First I will send you the document ________________

. Then I will bill you.

Answer: : then I will bill you.

  1. Luckily, Mona remembered _____ an extra set of keys to give to Max.

Answer: to bring

  1. Who _____ to inform him that his bid for the apartment renovation had been accepted?

Answer: Did Eric call

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: “I can get you to the airport in fifteen minutes,” the taxi driver said.

  1. After an hour, the mechanic was able to pull the tire _____ of the wheel.

Answer: off

  1. It’s important to put _____ into _____ of any new project.

Answer: time, planning

  1. Please forgive me _____ not informing you about the problems we were having with the new software.

Answer: for

  1. _____ sent you to deliver the printer?

Answer: Who

  1. No one has figured out exactly _____ caused the power failure.

Answer: what

  1. ___ twelve years, Opal Systems has been designing operating systems for government institutions.

Answer: For

  1. Ricardo’s boss _____ him telling the client how to use the software.

Answer: heard

  1. The committee _____ the job of quality control to Karl Mertz.

Answer: assigned

  1. If I _____ my vacation in March, I never would have met Mr. Edwards.

Answer: had taken

  1. Most people prefer sleeping at home _____ sleeping on an airplane.

Answer: to

  1. Mr. Ibanez gave _____ calling Mr. Hansen after Mr. Hansen never responded to his messages.

Answer: up

  1. Tomas decided to visit _____ sisters in Amsterdam in April.

Answer: his

  1. _____ happened after I left work yesterday?

Answer: What

  1. Please continue to use the front entrance _____ a delivery is too large to fit through the door.

Answer: unless

  1. Ms. Elkin had two bags with her when she arrived, _____?

Answer: didn’t she

  1. The new operating system should significantly reduce the _____ of time it takes to upload documents.

Answer: amount

  1. _____ the switch on the back of the machine do?

Answer: What does

  1. The _____ for submissions to the design competition is March 3.

Answer: deadline

  1. Monday is a holiday, _____ Emily will contact you on Tuesday.

Answer: so

  1. _____ our supplier’s shipment was late, I managed to get most of the order ready.

Answer: Despite

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: “Sam’s dad’s truck was found without its wheels.”

  1. Ms. Costas depends _____ three major accounts for most of her business.

Answer: on

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: “Everyone in the copywriting department always checks each other’s work.”

  1. A huge traffic jam prevented Lila _____ getting to the airport on time.

Answer: from

  1. Mr. Yee shops at _____ hardware store in his area.

Answer: the only

  1. _____________, I will have the report done by next week.

Answer: Whether I take on another job or not

  1. _____ is an important ingredient in any soup.

Answer: Salt

  1. Now that Ms. Brecht has retired, we all agree it will be difficult to _____ her.

Answer: replace

  1. The results of the study were inconclusive. _____, more research needs to be done.

Answer: Therefore

  1. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: “The lunch truck arrived with nothing more than a hamburger, three hot dogs, and an apple turnover.”

  1. Our marketing strategy is based on _____ experience.

Answer: both data andFiverr English Test Answers 2023nbsp;