Revolutionizing American Logistics with Trendsi Supply Chain In 2023

Revolutionizing American Logistics

 Meet Zhang Li, the visionary leader driving innovation and transforming revolutionizing American logistics at Trendsi. Discover how his expertise in supply chain management and data intelligence is revolutionizing the way business is conducted, empowering entrepreneurs, and creating a better future.


Zhang Li is a remarkable entrepreneur and the Head of North America Logistics at Trendsi, a pioneering company that is reshaping the landscape of cross-border e-commerce. With a deep passion for innovation and a keen understanding of supply chain management, Zhang is driving significant advancements in the industry, optimizing logistics processes, and empowering entrepreneurs across North America.


Revolutionizing American Logistics with Data Intelligence

Under Zhang’s leadership, Trendsi leverages the power of data intelligence to build a flexible supply chain and logistics infrastructure. Through precise data control and analytics, they have achieved remarkable cost savings of one-third, while ensuring efficient inventory control. With strategically located logistics transition centers in key regions like Los Angeles, New York, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, Trendsi offers seamless delivery experiences to its 100,000+ customers.


Pioneering the Dropshipping Model

Traditionally, small and medium retailers in the United States face inventory shortages and excess due to the wholesale model. However, Zhang and his team at Trendsi have revolutionized the industry by pioneering the “Dropshipping” model. By conducting complex logistics data scenario analyses with cost and time optimization goals, they have developed a proactive and flexible logistics system that adapts to changing demands, positioning Trendsi as an industry leader.

Entrepreneurial Journey and Expertise

Zhang’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by successes and lessons learned. He honed his supply chain management expertise at L’Oreal China, transforming the company’s distribution system for growth and operational efficiency. He ventured into the online world, creating the popular platform, and achieved remarkable success in the gaming industry. These diverse experiences have equipped Zhang with invaluable knowledge and skills that he now brings to his role at Trendsi.


Empowering Entrepreneurs and Creating Impact

Zhang’s true understanding of entrepreneurship extends beyond financial success. He is driven by the desire to positively impact the lives of others. Through Trendsi, Zhang and his team empower homepreneurs and entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary resources, support, and opportunities for success. Their platform has already transformed the lives of individuals like Wendi, offering new opportunities and financial stability.


Leading Trendsi to New Heights

As the Head of North America Logistics, Zhang is poised to lead Trendsi to new heights in the North American market. With his expertise in logistics and supply chain management, relentless pursuit of innovation, and unwavering dedication to empowering entrepreneurs, Zhang envisions a future where business is conducted in a revolutionary way. He inspires a new generation of entrepreneurs to embrace technology, reform, and innovation.

According to estimates the supply chain as a service market in North America had a value of $4,478.20 million in 2017. It is projected to experience significant growth and reach $7,854.40 million by 2025. This growth reflects compound annual growth Rate (CAGR) is 7.5% from 2018 to 2025. The demand for supply chain solutions in North America is expected to drive this upward trend, as businesses recognize the benefits of outsourcing their supply chain management to specialized service providers. With the increasing complexities of global trade and logistics, supply chain as a service offers efficiency, cost savings, and improved operational performance for companies in the region.

Zhang Li’s leadership and vision at Trendsi are reshaping the North American logistics landscape. His expertise, passion for innovation, and commitment to empowering entrepreneurs drive the company’s success. Through data intelligence, logistics optimization, and the pioneering Dropshipping model, Zhang is revolutionizing cross-border e-commerce. With Trendsi, entrepreneurs have the resources they need to thrive, creating a better future through the transformative power of entrepreneurship.

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